Our Mission


Bruja's Council is a co-facilitated council series,and workshop, based in the decolonization of our indigenous medicines, and ancestral ways of healing.


We aim to build safe spaces of co-creation, learning, and prayer under the energies of every New Moon and in true allyship within the community.

This series has a history of brujx’s co-facilitating council, who share in ancestral teachings and practices. It was born from a book series on Women Who Run with the Wolves in 2013 and has grown to be a toolbox and source of community throughout the years. 


In 2020 council, like so many others, traversed uncharted territory by moving onto Zoom. This became a blessing in disguise and created the need to build an online community platform. By the end of 2020 this website was born and with it came the expansion of the  teachings of this community.


If you feel called to join our councils, workshops, or offerings, please do not hesitate. All we ask is that anyone who enters this sacred space come with hearts and minds open, as well with humility and respect.  

Founder - Lead Facilitator

Maya Luna


Maya Luna comes from a long lineage of curanderas in her Matrilineal lineage of Otomi and Huitchol ancestry as well as Ukrainian Jewish roots, through her Paternal side. Her mother was a Lakota Sundancer for over 30 years on the Rosebud reservation. Raised in ceremony since birth; participating in sweat lodges, temazcales and various ceremonies from a very young age. She began her own spiritual practice at 7 years old, when she began working directly with Elders and weekly lessons with a Tibetan Monk. 


At fifteen she dedicated herself to Social Justice by becoming a Youth and Student Organizer for national organization “The Answer Coalition”. One year later she began her ten year career as a radio host and producer for the radio station KPFA. Interviewing cultural icons such as Nas, Rage Against the Machine, Damien and Ziggy Marley and many others. Her work linked social activism through cultural movements. The show was picked to be syndicated Nationwide on NPR, Democracy Now!, and other news outlets. She has taken the skill sets of organizing, producing and hosting and applied it to a community platform of education and cultural exchange.


She founded Bruja’s Council back in 2013, drawing on the Indigenous traditions of Council as well as integrating a workshop series on Women Who Run with the Wolves. Council has grown to be a source of community, a co-facilitated space for decolonizing our ancestral teachings,  as well as creating sacred space for Ritual and Prayer. Her practice is deeply rooted in Indigenous cosmology of service, right relationship with the earth and practice of medicinal plants

Co-Founder - Design Director

Bridget Stagnitto

Bridget Stagnitto has been a part of council since 2015. Begining with facilitation of creative work shops around The Women Who Run with the Wolves series. She has been an active member in the organization of council since that time.


Bridget is an artist, and designer, born and raised in the Bay Area. She has a Bachelors of Art from Mills College, and a certificate in UX Design from General Assembly.